Bulldog Love

Vivy_1 Our friends over at VivyLand have created a 4-minute long Flash video called, "Why I love my bulldog" that is just adorable...especially because it has tons of pictures of our own Howie throughout!

VivyLand is the brainchild of Jan Oswald, a still-life photographer that acquired her own lovable bully (Vivy) in 1994. Vivy soon became the subject of Jan's photos, and thus began her quest to "capture the unique character and personality of the bulldog breed as expressed through Vivy." Today, Jan runs a popular website on which many of her Vivy images are available for sale - in the form of greeting cards, books, t-shirts and more. The site also has a wealth of information on the breed, and a link to Jan's bulldog blog.Vivy_2

Jan recently sent out an appeal to all of the bulldog-lovers that subscribe to her email list, asking what we love about our bulldogs. The resulting images and words were then compiled in this video. Check it out (the "slower processor" version works just fine if you're having trouble) and see Howie at the airport the day we brought him home, asleep on the couch, sunning his rear-end up against the window, and playing outdoors - plus tons of other great photos and comments from other bully owners.

Thank you for this wonderful video, Jan!