Plaza de la Catedral
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Paladar Moneda Cubana

Right near the Plaza de la Catedral is Paladar Moneda Cubana, a family-run restaurant that was founded in 1924 by an avid coin collector (hence the name, "The Cuban Coin").

Paladar Moneda Cubana

We stopped here for lunch after our walking tour of Old Havana, climbing up a narrow staircase from the street to find a bright, open-air top floor space. The vaulted ceiling at the top of the stairs had a stained glass mediopunto and flags of the world - including the U.S.!

Paladar Moneda Cubana entrance

The Colonial-styled dining room was richly decorated with dark woods, burgundy curtains, China figurines, and Leonardo da Vinci replicas on the walls, including the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. French doors opened up to balconies on either side, and a beautiful breeze cooled us.

Paladar Moneda Cubana dining

As usual, we started with complimentary mojitos (kicked up a notch thanks to Franklin's personal stash of Angostura bitters), followed by shared appetizers (crackers with a sort of ceviche on top), bread, and a delicious entree of chicken, potatoes and veggies (tomatoes, peppers). And, like most of the paladars we dined in, a band serenaded us with Cuban music.


Another popular item in Cuba: ice cream! Here, we had a dish of vanilla with strawberry sauce, jimmies, a sprig of mint, and a sugared rim.

Ice Cream

After downing that delicious treat (which I basically ate every day in Cuba!), I went out on the balcony to investigate the view. What great timing! Some Cubans in Carnival gear just happened to be strolling by.


Another fun, colorful experience in La Habana Vieja!


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