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Sapori & Sapere

My mom asked me why I haven't (yet) mentioned much about the food in Italy, and I told her that we simply saw and did so much that I haven't taken the time to post about the meals. Instead, I'll do one post later with the highlights. But this one deserves a post of its own.

On Wednesday afternoon we had lunch and a wine tasting at Sapori & Sapere, an edicola, libreria, and enoteca in Paderno Dugnano. In English, that translates to Flavors & Knowledge, a newspaper stand, library, and wine bar.


It's in an unassuming building in a residential area, but when you go inside you are greeted with a wide assortment of the best Italian wines (including a yummy Sangiovese from Il Valentiano Campo di Marzo, Brunello di Montalcino), food products and pastries.


They set up a long table for us, and proceeded to stuff us with an amazing assortment of meats (including some of the best prosciutto I've had), cheeses, olives, bread, handmade lasagna, and of course, wine. Needless to say, we were all a bit tipsy after lunch :) But it was great fun, with lots of stories and laughter.


But my favorite thing about this place is their philosophy and mission. From their website:

It is a place to meet and exchange ideas, opinions, and experiences between people who share the pleasures of the table and reading."

And now you know why I love this place :)



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