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After a very long, cold, sad Winter, Spring has finally arrived in Boston. And with it, a sense of renewal. It's amazing what some sunshine and warmer temperatures can do for the spirit. Not to mention the gorgeous flowers blooming everywhere.

Harvard Street, Charlestown

Everyone asks me, "Will you get another dog?" To which I reply, "No, not anytime soon." Yes, the house lacks a certain energy it once had, and it was strange to break out of the routine Lulu and I enjoyed for over 10 years, but for now I am content with the flexibility of being dependent-free. I can go away for a weekend or out after work without having to make arrangements in advance, or worrying that my little one is home alone, yearning for a walk, a meal, or just some companionship.

Public Garden
Public Garden, Boston

I've returned to the yoga studio, the farmers' markets, and my favorite park bench. I revamped my tiny garden and reconnected with old friends.  And I've returned to this blog with a renewed commitment to write on a more regular basis, inspired by several friends who have done the same.

Christopher Columbus Park, Boston
Christopher Columbus Park, Boston

My health continues to be good, and thus far I've kept my New Year's resolution to visit at least one museum per month. In June, that outing will be especially memorable, as I'm traveling to Italy for a fashion and design tour of Milan. And of course I'm taking my camera and journal with me, so watch this space.

St. Leonard
St. Leonard's Church, Boston

But for now, I'll leave you with a tranquil scene from our own little piece of Italy, Boston's North End:

Peace Garden
St. Leonard's Peace Garden, Boston


LG are back!! i look forward to Your Next and What Is To Come. the pictures are gorgeous and give me a slight twinge for "home"

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