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Six Months

Today marks six months in remission! My, how time flies.

I feel great, and have been enjoying a wonderful 2013 (which is why I've been slow to post). The last few months have been full of art exhibits and concerts; running, yoga, hiking, and snowmobiling; monkey meetings, fundraisers, Chamber dinners and birthday parties; and too many restaurants to count.

I've had fun with family and friends, traveled a bunch for work and pleasure, and have had my hair cut again. Twice.

But most importantly, I've gotten a clean bill of health at all my latest medical appointments. I continue to take Tamoxifen daily, and thanks to recent study findings will continue to do so for the next 10 years instead of the originally-planned 5, but that's a small price to pay to keep Cancer at bay.

Thank you to everyone for the continued love and support. I look forward to a fun-filled Summer, and reporting back at the 12-month mark!

 Joanne & Me celebrating at Trade
Joanne & Me celebrating at Trade








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