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GI Jane

I've swapped Kristen Wiig for GI Jane. It's only fitting since I've been on the front lines of a battle this year!

But the good news is (and it is very good news) that my surgeons got clean margins in the last procedure, which means I do not need any more surgery. I just need to heal from the mastectomy and reconstruction (4-6 weeks) and then begin a 6-week course of daily radiation to kill off the remaining cells.

The last procedure went smoothly, and I am healing well: got one surgical drain removed this week, and should get the second out next week. In the meantime, I'm enjoying seeing my hair come back in (the damaged nails have been slower to bounce back, but they do look better, too), and joining the ranks of these illustrious ladies:

Demi moore gi jane
Demi Moore in "GI Jane"

Natalie Portman in "V for Vendetta"

Kim and cynthia
Kim Cattrall in "Sex and the City" and Cynthia Nixon in "Wit"

Sinead O'Connor (in her prime)

Stephanie and Lulu in "Battle of 2012"



Doug Fox

You look fantastic Steph. Keep on fighting.

Karen Rogers

Stephanie you look beautiful! Lulu looks beautiful also! I am so happy for you. I admire you beyond what words could explain. I know your battle has been rough, but you are the WINNER!!! I am always thinking of you and sending happy & positive thoughts. (((HUGS)))

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