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The Re-excision

My surgery went smoothly on Wednesday, although I'm hesitant to even comment on it until I get the full pathology report next week. But here's how it went:

I arrived promptly at 5:20am (along with 33 other people checking in or accompanying loved ones for surgery at that hour!) and was taken to a room where I changed out of my street clothes and waited for an hour before heading down to surgery. No bed in the room (bummer, because I would've enjoyed going back to sleep at that hour), just a wheelchair and a straight-backed chair from which I watched the local morning news (endless coverage of the Southie woman who attempted to ride up an escalator in her wheelchair).

They finally took me down to pre-op, and I was remarkably calm (for me!) while meeting all the surgical staff and hearing about their plans. I don't even remember doing this - or seeing the very cold, brightly lit operating room - last time, because I had so many sedatives in me (remember, last time I had to have that needle localization procedure first).

But soon I had an IV in my hand, and next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery, having some Lorna Doones and ginger ale. The surgery was - dare I say - easy, with the biggest complication being a nearly unrelated one: they covered my eyes in surgery (who new?) and I had a bad reaction to the tape they put on my face, leaving me with two black eyes (it's since turned to more of a red rash).

The surgical site is a bit sore, and I'm tired, but overall doing pretty well. I even got out for a quick visit to Cider Hill Farm yesterday.

I should hear the results of this latest procedure by the end of next week.



 Mary Anne Kelleher

Following your progress, and hoping the path report has good news.

Thinking of you.

Mary Anne

Lynn Mosher

I'm so sorry about your surgery. Saying a prayer for you. I know you don't know me. I found you on the internet. I couldn't find an email address for you. I wanted to ask you a question about Arnaldo Miniati. I am trying to find the value of a pair of sculptures/statues he did. Do you know of an expert or a site where I can go? Thanks so much!


Weird. Why do they cover your eyes?

Have they told you what you say when you are under sedatives? Apparently when I had my gall bladder out nearly 20 years ago I was a chatterbox from the time the drip went in till I conked out. But the worst part is the doctor wouldn't tell me what I said! It must have been something I would have been mortified about!

Glad everything when smoothly. Sending you positive vibes that the report has you in the clear! *hugs*

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