Round 5
Happy Mother's Day

Round 6

I have now completed 6 of 8 chemotherapy treatments; the end is finally in sight!

The Taxol is proving to be much easier to tolerate than the previous A/C treatments were. I had a rocky start with it last week when it caused terrible neuropathy in my fingers and toes (painful, discolored nails with numbness/tingling in the pads of the fingers) along with joint pain in my ankles, knees, and lower back. But I got a prescription for Neurontin which has all but eliminated those problems (just some lingering soreness in the nails and the ever-present fatigue), and last Saturday night was the first time since this all started that I actually slept through the night.

Which meant that I was feeling good last Sunday when we celebrated my Mom's 79th birthday (via a surprise party at a friend's house) and my Dad's 83rd birthday today.

I also ditched Kristen Wiig for most of this week and wore an assortment of beautiful head scarves in memory of an amazing woman who lost her battle with ovarian cancer one year ago. I was in awe of her grace, humor, and strength then, even when I couldn't personally relate to what she was going through, and I remember it as even more amazing now that I have first hand experience with chemo and all that it entails.

But as I said, the end (hopefully) of my fight is in sight, and I have surgery (lumpectomy & lymph node removal) tentatively scheduled for mid June. Not looking forward to that (I have to be awake for the initial biopsy part!!) but hopefully by July the toughest part will be behind me.






What Mike said. :) Look forward to these updates because it means you're one treatment closer to done. Keep it up Steph!

Sharon Stark

Stephanie - you are an amazaing and strong woman. I'm glad to hear it it getting a little bit easier. Thank you for keeping us updated.


Aww, thank you, Mike!

Mike K

Steph your toughness is incredible. I wish I could pick up the rope and help pull. You've done an amazing job so far. Keep up the GREAT work. Your friends at work are all behind you.

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