Round 2
A Temporary Setback

Hello, Kristen Wiig!

Yesterday was a tough day.

My hair started falling out this past weekend, but yesterday it was coming out in fistfuls. Not only was it difficult to look at, but it was incredibly hard to clean up after, and it physically hurt. My scalp (all my hair follicles, actually) throbbed and I felt achy all over, sort of flu-like. Ah, the joys of chemo!

I already had an appointment to get it buzzed, but that wasn't until tonight, and I didn't think I could stand it for another 24 hours. So I went across the street and had them take off what was left. The poor stylist - I'm pretty sure it was the first time she'd had such a request, and she was nervous about shaving my tender scalp (let's face it: it hasn't seen the light of day in 40 years, so it's pretty delicate!).



As you can see, my brows and lashes are still hanging on, although they do seem sparser. I can deal with losing the former (easy to pencil in) but thoughts of losing my dear lashes make me sad :(

I went back into work today, again sporting my trusty turban (these ones are the best), but anxious to ditch it after wearing it for the last three days.

Enter Kristen Wiig.

I had my final fitting with my new best friend tonight, to adjust for the smooth noggin, thin out the bang area, and have a lesson in how to wash her. Yes, I actually stood at a salon sink and learned how to shampoo, condition, comb out, and dry Kristen Wiig! Too funny.

And then came the real test. If you were in Boston today, you know that it was insanely windy. I was terrified of stepping out onto Newbury Street, with all those perfectly coiffed ladies (it's the Burberry end of the street, not the Newbury Comics end!) and having to chase poor Kristen Wiig down the sidewalk after she blew off my head. But she didn't!

And here she is in all her glory:


What do you think?


trina arnett

you look gorgeous! and you are so very brave! you are an inspiration.

Ed Feather

I think "Kristen Wiig" looks fab - especially with that nice smile of yours! You make a great team. ;-) Hope your scalp starts to feel better quickly. Enjoy your weekend!


That is one gorgeous wig! Looks totally natural. You look great. Sorry you have to feel so shitty.

Karen Rogers

Stephanie, I think you are absolutely adorable! Your new best friend looks like your own! Amazing how real/natural she looks!

Mike K


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