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Very Pinteresting...

You've likely heard of Pinterest by now; it's the hot new social networking site (I hate that phrase) that combines the bookmarking ease of delicious with the image sharing of Flickr. Here are a few of my pinboards - Critters, Farm Stands and Landscapes:


What's so interesting to me - aside from the incredible growth spurt and the beautiful imagery - is how differently people engage with this site versus, say, Flickr (which could have been Pinterest all along). The social sharing here is on steroids; consider this: I pinned about 80 pictures from my long-standing Flickr account to Pinterest and this is what happened to traffic on my Flickr pages...


The spikes occuring around Jan 20th are when images were cross-posted on Pinterest. There was of course a drop off when I stopped "pinning" but it's interesting to see the new life Pinterest infused into the old Flickr account.

And now Flickr is planning a redesign of its own...one that will look decidely like Pinterest.


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