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January 2012

Up Close: Government Center Garage

Government Center Garage
The Government Center Garage building on New Sudbury and Congress Streets is generally considered to be an ugly, concrete relic from 1967 (in fact, developers hope to tear it down and build something more contemporary). But zoom in on its exterior, and it actually makes for an interesting visual.

Authentic Counterfeit


We saw a fun band on Friday night on our swing through Kingston Station, a local group called Authentic Counterfeit. They had sort of a jazz/R&B thing going on - including a great rendition of Just the Two of Us - although their Facebook page hints at a much broader repertoire including Hip Hop, Rock, Alternative, Metal and more (!)

Check 'em out if you get a chance.

Little Printer

A friend sent this one to me, and I'm not sure what to make of it. The Little Printer is an electronic device that lets you set up subcriptions to a variety of content providers - major publishers, game & horoscope providers, or even your friends' social profiles - and aggregates them into a daily feed.

Sounds like RSS you say? Yes, but The Little Printer (as it's name suggests) prints out your aggegated news items onto a thin strip of paper, non unlike a grocery store receipt. It is the invention of BergCloud, a company dedicated to creating connected products with beautiful design.

Watch the video below to see what I mean. It's incredibly cute, but would you use it?

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 from BERG on Vimeo.

Evernote Food

There's a wildly popular productivity app called Evernote that lets you store notes and ideas - in the form of text, images, web pages, or voice memos - for future reference, list making, and archiving. I use it in its Web, iPad, and Android incarnations to note restaurants I want to try, wines that I like, travel ideas, and other random info that I want to remember. The beauty of it is that I can store info from all three devices (laptop, tablet, mobile phone) and it synchs for easy access from any of them.

So I was excited to read about its latest update: Evernote Food. You know how much I like to document great meals (as evidenced by yesterday's post and my Flickr feed dedicated to good eats), and this app promises to let you "capture, share, and relive your memorable meals." Sadly, it's not yet available for Android so I'll continue with my traditional ways. But I like where they're headed.



One of the most delicious and most artfully presented sushi in Boston, courtesy of Oishii in the South End. Above are two of their specialty rolls (Sockeye Salmon and Maki covered with Toro), below is an amuse-bouche of pureed edamame. We also started with the Tuna Mango with Baby Ginger and ended with the Chocolate Molten Cake. It's appropriate that the name translates to "delicious" in English. Oishii! おいしい 


The Cookie Department

There is a neat little start-up called Kickstarter that has been getting lots of press lately for its ability to crowdsource funding for a variety of creative projects (raising nearly $100 million alone in 2011, it's 3rd year in existence). There are tons of interesting endeavors listed on the site, but this one in particular caught my eye:

The Cookie DepartmentTM makes "fully funtional" cookies that are not only natural and delicious but also have functional benefits. Here's a sampling (full details on their site):

  • Awaken Baked - caffeinated chocolate chip for a pick-me-up
  • Chocolate Chip Nookie - infused with Maca Root, a natural aphrodisiac
  • Tough Cookie - peanut butter toffee infused with whey protein
  • Great Full - vegan sweet potato-cranberry-oatmeal for antioxidants
  • Snap Back - gingersnap infused with cayenne pepper, cloves, and blackstrap molasses for a body detox or hangover cure!

After a successful test run in San Francisco, The Cookie DepartmentTM founders are looking to raise enough capital to take the concept national ($12,000 in pledges by Sunday, Jan 15th - and they are 87% of the way there). I love everything about this - the business concept, the product (admittedly, I haven't tried them personally...YET!), and the Kickstarter pledge levels (e.g., pledge $20 or more and get a shout out on their website and a personal thank you phone call from the founder, Akiva Resnikoff. Again - there are more levels with benefits ranging from free cookies to an invite to their launch party. Full details on the site). Plus, the whole Kickstarter process is so simple - log in via Facebook and plege via Amazon - making it easy to support projects you love.

Check out The Cookie DepartmentTM and consider supporting them. Life is better with [functional] cookies!