Squirreling it Away

The Cookie Department

There is a neat little start-up called Kickstarter that has been getting lots of press lately for its ability to crowdsource funding for a variety of creative projects (raising nearly $100 million alone in 2011, it's 3rd year in existence). There are tons of interesting endeavors listed on the site, but this one in particular caught my eye:

The Cookie DepartmentTM makes "fully funtional" cookies that are not only natural and delicious but also have functional benefits. Here's a sampling (full details on their site):

  • Awaken Baked - caffeinated chocolate chip for a pick-me-up
  • Chocolate Chip Nookie - infused with Maca Root, a natural aphrodisiac
  • Tough Cookie - peanut butter toffee infused with whey protein
  • Great Full - vegan sweet potato-cranberry-oatmeal for antioxidants
  • Snap Back - gingersnap infused with cayenne pepper, cloves, and blackstrap molasses for a body detox or hangover cure!

After a successful test run in San Francisco, The Cookie DepartmentTM founders are looking to raise enough capital to take the concept national ($12,000 in pledges by Sunday, Jan 15th - and they are 87% of the way there). I love everything about this - the business concept, the product (admittedly, I haven't tried them personally...YET!), and the Kickstarter pledge levels (e.g., pledge $20 or more and get a shout out on their website and a personal thank you phone call from the founder, Akiva Resnikoff. Again - there are more levels with benefits ranging from free cookies to an invite to their launch party. Full details on the site). Plus, the whole Kickstarter process is so simple - log in via Facebook and plege via Amazon - making it easy to support projects you love.

Check out The Cookie DepartmentTM and consider supporting them. Life is better with [functional] cookies!




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