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The Hess Collection & Domaine Carneros

On our last full day in Napa, we stayed relatively close to "home" and visited two wineries - one decidedly modern, and the other reminiscent of old-world France.

The Hess Collection, which not only produces wine, but also houses works of modern art from Donald Hess' private collection. Most of it was over-the-top modern, but there was one installation that I loved: "Hommage" by Leopoldo Maler, which is an old Underwood typewriter with gas flames coming out of it, representing the inflammatory political essays of his uncle (a well-known Argentinian writer). The gallery only shows about 25% of his collection, which he started in 1966 and limits to 20 living artists whose works he wished to support long-term. The balance is shown in museums around the world.

California October 2011 516

California October 2011 509


California October 2011 513

California October 2011 518

Hommage(Photo credit for "Hommage" goes to I Dream Lo-Tech, since there was a "no photos" sign on the work and I obliged)

Domaine Carneros, a giant chateau situated on a hill surrounded by vineyards that was architecturally inspired by the 18th century Chateau de la Marquetterie in Champagne, France (in fact, both properties are owned by Taittinger, the French wine family famous for producing Champagne). We sat on their sunny terrace and enjoyed an assortment of sparkling wines, cheeses, and charcuterie.

California October 2011 520

California October 2011 521

California October 2011 524

California October 2011 526

California October 2011 527

Ahhh, Napa...until we meet again!



Jim! You win the social media award for prompt detection and response :)

Thanks for your comment - your winery and gallery is lovely. Sorry I didn't go into much detail - this was the last of a week's worth of posts and I was running out of steam! But yes, I would love to come back and visit one day. And until then, I will think of Hess whenever I drink from my new recycled wine bottle glasses that I picked up in your gift shop!

Jim Caudill

Thanks very much for stopping by The Hess Collection. The setting changes with the seasons, as do the wines offered in the tasting room. And, we do rotate pieces into the art collection, so that perhaps 20% of the displayed artist's works are new each year. Sounds like a wonderful trip, and I hope we'll see you again.

Jim Caudill, The Hess Collection

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