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Zappos Tweet Sweeps

Opened up this month's InStyle to find this:

As if I need any more encouragement to shop on Zappos.com! But their use of digital variable print on demand to personalize the ad certainly got my attention. That, and the 5-page pull out spread that followed this one - all touting their $2500 Missing Piece Tweet Sweeps.

Simply tweet @ZapposStyle with #zapposcloset and indicate what Fall piece your closet is still missing, and you'll be entered to win a Zappos.com shopping spree and fashion consultation via video chat.

Or, you could just head on over to Zappos and buy it yourself. I do it all the time :)

Happy shopping!




Haha. Good thing I bought some new threads to cover up!

Mike K.

Steph! This "personalized" ad is a little revealing.

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