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The Road to Napa

After a very full weekend in San Francisco, we hopped in a rental car and headed for Napa wine country,  just over an hour away. It took us a tad bit longer, because we made some stops:

First was at the Golden Gate Bridge so that we could see, and take photos of, this iconic structure spanning the San Francisco Bay's opening to the Pacific Ocean. Its bright orange color was chose to complement the surroundings and be visible in the fog.

California October 2011 235

Second was a small roadside vineyard that had a very large, very photogenic, blue Adirondak chair out front. Couldn't pass up this Kodak moment:

California October 2011 237

Third was at The Fruit Basket, an awesome farmers market abutting a field full of sheep and one very cute llama:

California October 2011 245

California October 2011 242

California October 2011 243

California October 2011 241

And then we arrived in Napa. Stay tuned for the vineyard tours.

This concludes the San Francisco part of the trip; here is the full photo set for your viewing pleasure.



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