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Fisherman's Stew

Fish soup
This rather humble meal was a big hit at my house this weekend. Perhaps I was inspired by my recent trip to the fishing town of Essex, or my discovery of white port, or even a friend's Facebook photos from Portugal, but I opted for a hearty fisherman's stew and it didn't disappoint. In fact, my Dad said it reminded him of the Portuguese soup his grandmother used to make!

For appetizers, I served an apertif with cheese & crackers:

  • Dow's white port, mixed with tonic, lemon wedges and a sprig of mint, over ice
  • Goat's milk Gouda. I picked up an unbranded wedge from Whole Foods and it was sooo good. Much creamier and lighter than traditional (cow's milk) gouda (also lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol).
  • Gallettine Tuscan crackers with rosemary and olive oil (also available at Whole Foods)

For the main course, fish stew with fresh rosemary boule and white wine:

  • I started with the New England Seaport Fisherman's Stew mix from Frontier Soups; it contains a blend of seasonings as well as peas carrots, onions, peppers, and mushrooms
  • Added chunks of fresh halibut and tri-colored fingerling potatoes, plus some additional seasonings to punch up the flavor
  • Woodbridge Pino Grigio

The whole thing was so easy and so delicious, we'll surely do it again.


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