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Essex River Cruise

How's that for a threatening sky? Last week, we had our company outing with Essex River Cruises, and although a brief rainstorm passed through, it was a lot of fun.

Essex is a town 45 minutes north of Boston, best known for its maritime history, abundant antiques shops, and of course, Woodman's of Essex (where Chubby Woodman invented the fried clam early in the 20th century by dipping them in the oil used for deep-frying potato chips).

The Essex River Cruise meanders through a salt water marsh that's part of the Essex River, formed fifteen thousand years ago from melting Ice Age glaciers, and now home to a variety of wildlife. Eventually, the boat pulled up onto a massive sandbar, where the team provided a traditional tidal beach clambake for us - they set up tables and chairs, and proceeded to prepare steamed lobsters & clams, chicken, corn on the cob, and cornbread while the P+s team relaxed and played games in the sand.

See the full photoset here.


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