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2011 Helping Hands Festivale

Festivale The fall fundraiser for Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled is right around the corner. Have you purchased your tickets yet?

It's going to be another fun night, with food from some of Boston's top restaurants (Mistral, Sorellina, Teatro, L’Andana, Mooo, Eastern Standard, Basho, Cafeteria, Masa, Konditor Meister, Davio’s, The Beehive, Gaslight, Woodward, Rialto and Zocalo), beverages from Grey Goose and Harpoon), flowers by Winston's, and music from Blues Brothers the Next Generation.

And this year, we've added a new feature for those who can't make it to the event: an online auction! So if you can't make it to Boston on 9/24 but still want to support the Monkey College, you can do so by bidding on the various art, books, collectibles, wine, travel packages, entertainment and sports tickets we have available.

For over 31 years, Helping Hands has trained and placed service monkeys free of charge to assist individuals living with physical mobility limitations. Monkeys assist recipients in the home environment, retrieving dropped items, pushing buttons, opening bottles, and repositioning an arm or leg in a wheelchair after muscle spasm.

Helping Hands provides each monkey-recipient pair 24/7 staff support for the lifetime of the placement, and all funds come from foundations grants, private donations, and fundraising events like Festivale.  Ninety-three cents of every dollar raised directly supports Helping Hands program services.

Please consider joining us by buying tickets, making a donation, or placing a bid.

Thank you!


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