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Summer Doesn't Have to End

Eden Lake Yes, tomorrow is September 1st, and Labor Day is right around the corner. But Summer doesn't have to end just yet!

Prolong it a bit with my friend Jane Roper's debut novel, Eden Lake.

I just finished reading this story about an idyllic Summer camp in Maine, and Jane's writing - which I know from her blogging to be engaging and humorous - is so descriptive that you feel like you're there amognst the pines (or maybe I'm just nostalgic for my college years).

But don't let the Summer camp theme fool you. Yes, there's arts & crafts, campfires, and stargazing. There are kids dealing with being away from home and fitting in. But the central themes and issues in the story are decidedly mature, as the main plot focuses on the grown-up children of the original camp founders who struggle with adulthood.

So in an interesting twist, it's the adults in the book who go through a metamorphosis at Summer camp, more so then the children.

Check it out (in all its 5-star glory!) on Amazon.



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