November 5th
'Tis the Season

Veterans Tribute

UsflagIn honor of Veterans' Day, I'd like to re-post a poem I originally posted back in 2005, and reiterate our thanks to all those who have served, and are currently serving, our nation.


Quietly you've all turned gray
You did your job, you saved our way.
Our life and freedom you've preserved
We thank you less than you deserve.
You've never boasted, bragged, or asked
for adulation for your past.
You did the job you knew was right,
and quietly you cry at night
for bodies maimed and comrades lost
for sights beyond our furthest thoughts.
For what you've lived and felt and seen,
For what the cost of freedom means
You leave us blessed with every breath,
that cost you arms and legs and death.
You won the worst and greatest war -
We owe you more, we owe you more.
Thank you for your wondrous feats:
For hope, and speech and quiet streets.
For worship as we choose to pray,
For preservation of our way.
Before you go we need to show
that in your silence we still know
what accomplished and what you did
for who we are and how we live.

Thank you.


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