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November 5th

Blogging, Boston, and CityVoter's A-List

Boston A List CityVoter has finally launched a Boston edition of its popular City Guides, and the polls are open to vote for the top area businesses on The Boston A-List. The site provides point-of-sale, mobile, on-air, and online ways for local businesses to connect with the community, and in turn provides a wealth of information for consumers, in the form of "best of" lists and deals for products and services around town. With its polls, widgets, reviews, badges, and Facebook/Twitter integration, CityVoter is poised to ride the wave of location-based social media.

I'm excited and flattered to announce that I've been nominated as one of the Best Local Bloggers (and would be grateful if you would consider casting a vote for me at

If you're new to CultureJunkie, here's the backstory: I started blogging five years ago so that I could speak intelligently about the channel to my marketing clients. And I found that I really enjoy doing's a creative outlet that allows me to focus on some of the things that interest me - like technology, art, architecture, food, travel - and the cultural impact they have on us. What's more, I meet interesting people from all over the world through my blog.

Here are some of my favorite posts from in and around Boston; I hope you enjoy them.

And remember: today is election day. Don't forget to vote! :)


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