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Boston Baked Beads

Picked up this charming owl necklace at the recent Art in the Park hosted by the Artists Group of Charlestown:

Boston baked beads 
It's the latest in a line of contemporary polymer clay jewelry and accessories created by Lisa Mackin of Boston Baked Beads.  Adorable!

Find more at her Etsy shop, here.



Thank you both, Cindy & Lisa, for stopping by. And thank you Lisa for creating the owl - Art in the Park is always a nice way to find new/independent artists. I got a great silver necklace there last year, so it's becoming a tradition :)

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor

What a darling little Owl! Love all of the canework on him. You are going to enjoy wearing him!

Lisa Mackin

Thanks so much for the nice comments. What a great event the Artists Group of Charlestown put together. Perfect day. I'm so glad you liked your necklace!

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