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Buon Giorno, San Giusto

Earlier this week, Boston welcomed the prestigious Italian Navy training ship San Giusto to its waters.

In fact, it's docked right outside our office at the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, giving us some great views. And today, they allowed visitors to board the ship for a tour (pictures below, although they wouldn't allow us to take photographs in the really interesting areas, like the control room, mess hall, and sick bay - complete with full surgical and dentistry equipment!).

The San Giusto is an amphibious transport dock which can lift a battalion of troops (350 people!) and up to 36 armored vehicles. It also has a runway on deck and can accommodate 3 aircraft. Today, it's used as a training ship, and is currently carrying second year midshipmen from the Italian Naval Academy. It's a young crowd, and a co-worker mentioned that it sounded like they were having a dance party there last night :)

Tomorrow (Saturday), Cardinal Sean O'Malley (who I just realized has a blog, where he announced that the archdiocesan newspaper is now available on the Kindle and iPhone...ha!) will celebrate a Mass aimed at Boston's Italian Community on board the ship.


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