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4th of July Weekend Highlights

Besides Friday's snapshots from Marine Industrial Park and Saturday's bike ride through the Back Bay, Government Center, and the North End, here are the other highlights from the weekend:

A sunset cruise around the Harbor on Friday night in our friend's new boat:

July 4th Weekend 2010 003

July 4th Weekend 2010 007 
Tons of jelly fish in the water:

July 4th Weekend 2010 041
Another boat ride on Sunday night, this time into the Charles River to watch the fireworks:

July 4th 006 
Heading across the Harbor from the Chelsea marina:

July 4th 009Adorable house boat in Charlestown (you can actually rent these things!):

July 4th 015 
Heading under bridges and through locks:

July 4th 028 
Good friends:

July 4th 045 
Festive cupcakes:

July 4th 005
And even more festive neighbors:

July 4th 042 
July 4th 043 
Stunning sunset:

July 4th 059 
There was even a rainbow (but no rain, thankfully!):

July 4th 054
The F-18 fly by:

July 4th 062
The beautiful fireworks display:

July 4th 073 July 4th 082 July 4th 093 July 4th 095 July 4th 108 
The mad dash to get back out through the locks and into the Harbor (which I don't think I could handle if I were the actual boat owner...stressful!):

July 4th 118
In all, a really fun weekend in the city. See the full photoset on Flickr.


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