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eBay's Inside Source

I love what auction giant eBay is doing with it's new trendspotting publication, The Inside Source.

When I first read about it back in November, I promptly checked it out, subscribed to their enewsletter, and shouted out some praise (to which The Inside Source promptly replied - they are on trend in more ways than one!).

The goal of the site & newsletter is to showcase the trendiest items for sale on eBay - things that "savvy" and sophisticated" shoppers may not even realize are available on the auction site...and it does a good job.

Today, I received this promo for Valentine's Day, which features a variety of items currently for sale, packaged up in nice little bundles to make selecting a gift for your Valentine a snap. Among them:

  • Red Romance, full of your traditional hearts and lace.

EBay Inside Source

The shopper in me looks forward to receiving The Inside Source for its editorial, as much as its product features. I bundle it in with my other favorite fashion reads, like DailyCandy, Haute Weekly, The Zoe Report, Net-A-Porter, and ShopBop.

And the marketer in me is impressed with the strategy and execution of this program - yes, I now visit eBay more than I ever used to :)



You're welcome, Jennifer. I love it!


Hi there! thanks for the props and for reading my blabbering at Haute Weekly ;)

Jennifer Hermon

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