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Culinary Breakdown - Take 2

Remember when I wrote about Culinary Breakdown, the at-home cooking classes from Chef Douglass Williams?

Well, someone else did, too...and I was lucky enough to get a lesson (and dinner party for 7) for Christmas last month!

We held the big event this past Saturday, and boy, was it fun. Douglass was right - it really is a "collective culinary experience," not just a simple cooking lesson. Our group put together a four course meal, over the course of about five hours (!) and several bottles of wine.

We learned some great techniques, had a ton of laughs, and ate like royalty.

First course: Citrus-cured salmon sashimi over a kohlrabi slaw, in a hibiscus broth. The salmon is stuffed with just a sliver of jalapeno, and topped with slivered cherries! Delish.

Culinary Breakdown 039

Second course: Banana parsnip soup with walnut oil. I wasn't sure about the banana going into it, but it really adds a nice flavor. And super easy to make.

Culinary Breakdown 021

Third course: Crispy farm egg over blistered tomatoes and pan roasted Brussel sprouts, with a Parmesan crisp. Delicious and beautiful.

Culinary Breakdown 051

Fourth course: Korean style flank steak, with red grape chimmicurri and roasted mushrooms. This was soooo good ...the red grape salsa was a surprising treat over the steak.

Culinary Breakdown 053

Optional fifth course [because we love our sweets!]

Culinary Breakdown 059

Everything about this was fantastic - the menu was completely customizable, Douglass brought all the supplies (including a killer set of professional knives that he allowed us to use), and everyone participated in the meal prep. It made for a very memorable evening with friends, captured here in the full set of photos.


Culinary Breakdown


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