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December 2009

Iris Apfel: Rare Bird of Fashion

Just picked up my ticket for Rare Bird of Fashion: the Irreverent Iris Apfel, a special exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum celebrating the personal collection of a legendary tastemaker and style icon.

Iris-apfel-portrait_bruce-weber_ Eighty-eight year old Iris Barrel Apfel is known for her "eclectic mixing of haute couture with costume jewelry and exotic baubles." She is also credited with having started the denim jean craze among women, back in the 1940s.

A New York society figure and co-founder of textile design company Old World Weavers, she has traveled the world in search of "all things wearable and wonderful," building her business and inspiring fashion designers like Jason Wu and Issac Mizrahi (great video of him with her on the PEM site, by the way). She's been featured in Coach ads and atop Vanity Vair's international best-dressed list.

As a special bonus to the exhibit featuring over 80 of Apfel's ensembles, the museum will hold a screening of The Latest Fashion Trends from Around the World, Fashion Group International's Spring/Summer 2010 Trends report which includes photos, video clips and commentary on the latest runway shows from around the world. The special screening on Saturday, January 23rd, will also include a discussion of how to adopt the runway looks into your wardrobe.

I'll leave you with these Elements of Style, according to Iris Apfel:

     1. Never take yourself or an outfit too seriously.

     2. Visit the animal kingdom.

     3. Consider the clergy.

     4. Travel widely.

     5. Go high and low.

     6. Don’t fret about your age.

    7. Don’t be afraid to stop traffic.

(Click to watch video)

And don't forget to check out the museum's fun interactive exhibit where you can style runway models with Apfel's clothing, paper-doll style.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all of my family, friends, and colleagues.

This year, I'd like to share some words of wisdom from Pace Lattin, a fellow advertising professional (reprinted here with permission):

I wish from my family to yours, a Happy Festivus.

On a serious note, during these holidays, please consider giving instead of receiving. When I opened up my browser today, the front story was about Carrie Underwood's $1M engagement ring. I can't conceive how anyone would feel in this country, where there are still children malnourished because their parents cannot afford breakfast, that we'd ever celebrate someone receiving such an extravagant gift.

It is easy to get caught up in the commercialization of everything, especially while working in the advertising industry. I daily wrestle with what is appropriate in our field, what exactly we are promoting, selling and how it affects other people’s lives.  Perhaps I’m a hypocrite, but I sincerely hope that during these holidays more of us take a little bit of our lives, a little bit of our paycheck and give it to something more promising than the wishes in a Gap Commercial.

The traditions of the various holidays almost all come from hardship, struggle, and strength in adversity. Whether it’s about a child born in barn, or the fight against oppressive rulers, or even the observance of the passing of the seasons there are messages that we can hold on to. Children are born daily in this country in houses that are no different than mangers, there are people all over the world who are persecuted and killed for their religious beliefs, and there are those who daily work the fields just to eat. Those people live a life that for most of us are so different than our lifestyle, that it’s hard to realize what is really happening.

Thus, I  offer a prayer, a wish, a meditation to all who would care to listen.

"In this season, as the winter sets in, as beloved families gather to celebrate, as you spend time with your blessed friends, may the Universe grant you Eyes of Loving Kindness so that you gain insight into the true nature of life and the universe. May you use that insight to save and help many others who suffer daily in our world."

Happy Holidays,

Pace Lattin

Charlestown Holiday Stroll

It's a beautiful day for the Charlestown Holiday Stroll!

Take advantage of special offers from businesses up and down Main Street, like Element Day Spa's hot Aveda Comforting Tea and tasty snacks throughout the day. Then gather in City Square Park at 4pm for the annual Cornerstone Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, complete with caroling.

Also this weekend, try the free cupcake delivery service from Curly Cakes, the latest venture from Todd English, chef extraordinaire (and former occupant of the building that is now my home!).
Holiday stroll