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Bunker Hill Day Parade

Just came in from watching the Bunker Hill Day parade. For the uninitiated, Bunker Hill Day remembers the famous Battle of Bunker Hill, which was actually won by the British but is considered by many to be the point of no return for the Colonists in their fight for independence.

We stayed outside long enough for Lulu to get her much-desired photo with Mayor Menino, and then headed in to watch the rest of it from the warmth of our living room (where we got a lot of attention from some of the parade walkers, like my new friend, The Clown).
Menino Clown

The entire set:



Cara - yes! It appears as though we are neighbors. I love the comments on your photos (I was too lazy to label my own). Sorry to hear you didn't get any love from Menino...are you jealous of my pic?? Ha.


I think we're neighbors! My set of BH pics, by which you can easily tell where I live: http://www.flickr.com/photos/morbid_and_pale/sets/72157619739040080/

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