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TripAdvisor (and FlipKey!) on Chronicle

Tripadvisor We were excited to see a segment on TripAdvisor in Tuesday night's episode of our local news program, Chronicle.

In it (starting at minute 3:53 in the clip), Founder & CEO Steve Kaufer explains how the user reviews supplied by everyday travelers have made TripAdvisor a premier online destination for people planning trips, and gives a peek inside the TripAdvisor offices.


Flipkey But the best part was when host Mary Richardson (at minute 6:37) gave a nod to TripAdvisor's newest feature: the ability to rent individual homes...thanks to its partnership with FlipKey, vacation home rentals with real reviews.


Great press for two great companies. If you want the backstory on FlipKey, read my earlier posts about their launch and their one year anniversary

And then go book a vacation rental!


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