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R.I.P., Domino

I was saddened to receive this postcard in the mail last week:

Dominomag Domino was my favorite shopping & home decor magazine; I read it religiously and was a big fan of its Inspirations column, where they found ideas for room decor based on a painting or favorite outfit.

I guess I missed the news of its demise which broke back in January; not surprisingly, the magazine's ad sales plummeted on the heels of the housing market crash and subsequent economic downturn.

Visits to now redirect to Architectural Digest, billed as a "home to inspiring photography, helpful design resources, tips and interviews with top architects and designers," and decidedly more high-brow than my beloved Domino. As Cassandra LaValle of the home decor blog Coco+Kelley noted in the Times article, “What Domino did that none of the other higher-end magazines did was to make décor more accessible.” 

Mediabistro reported earlier this week that staffers of the now defunct publication organized a tag sale in Greenwich Village to sell leftover props and shwag that had accumulated in their storerooms and closets.

While I look forward to my new issue of Glamour, it just won't be the same.


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