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While catching up on my marketing reading - specifically, on turning your customers into your product - I came across this social shopping site, Polyvore.

Billed as the "best place to discover or start fashion trends," it's a combination social network, clipping service, and ecommerce site that let's visitors assemble "Sets" of their favorite items. Here's one Set that caught my eye, from user MyChanel:


What's nice is that Polyvore provides a clipping tool that you simply drag to your browser bookmarks so that as you're surfing the Web, you can "clip" images of items you want to add to your profile. Besides the image, the Clipper pulls in the source data - including web site URL, maker, and price. Then, when you create your own Sets, viewers can click through to purchase the individual items. It's brilliant!

Here is my first Set...not as impressive as some of the creations on Polyvore, but I'll work on it :)

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