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April 2009


Puma Last night we attended the opening night party for PUMA City, the portable retail store/bar/event space made of 24 shipping containers on Boston's Fan Pier.

The portable "city" is part of a 3-week celebration while the Volvo Ocean Race is in town, and a huge publicity event for PUMA, one of the official sponsors, whose headquarters happens to be just down the street on Drydock Ave. By joining the race, PUMA has entered a new premium category and launched a full range of marine clothing and apparel.

After a bite at nearby LTK (FINALLY some warm weather here...and we got to eat outside!) we headed over to the event - just in time to beat the crowds who lined up shortly after 9. In fact, the city/containers reached capacity very early, forcing security to turn many party-goers away. But not us - we lucked out and got in early, able to enjoy the warm night on the waterfront in PUMA's open-air bar with a dj spinning hip hop & dance beats.

The space is very cool (see Inhabitat's coverage of it here): the containers are all adjoined like building blocks, but large panels have been removed to give it an open feel. The first and second floors contain retail space, while the 3rd is the bar & patio. The beautiful Volvo and Puma sailboats are docked alongside, and the area surrounding the City - normally an empty parking lot - is filled with other sponsor tents, bars, stages, and flat-screen TVs for viewing the race. Definitely a fun addition to the waterfront, if temporary. But be forewarned: the indoor bar area can get extremely hot (presumably from the 80-degree sun beating down on those shipping containers all day)Puma28
and the bathroom situation is terrible: deluxe port-a-potties (that's not the terrible part) that are not situated in the bar area (that is) - and if you have to leave the party to answer Mother Nature's call, you cannot gain readmittance without waiting in an unbearably long line (see previous note about being at capacity).

Thus, we departed on the early side, but not before the highlight of the night: photographers from The Achilles Project & New Brahmin showed up and snapped pix of my oh-so-stylish friends, Ryan and Shibani. See all the shots here:

Puerto Rico

Ahhh...we are back from our sunny vacation in Puerto Rico.

Had a wonderful time, and I highly recommend it for your next vacation - just a 4 hour flight from Boston!

We stayed at Da House, a funky hotel/art gallery/night club in Old San Juan, and then at El Conquistador, a gigantic resort on the eastern coast in Fajardo. Both were great.

Relive the excitement here: