ART+science Media Roundup 03/20/09
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The Headhunt Fishing Tournament

I realize Spring has just begun, and it's still rather cold outside, but it's not too early to start thinking about Summer fun. And one of the most fun events of the Summer is the Harwich Headhunt, a Cape Cod fishing tournament started by my friends, Ryan and Sean Burke.

TheheadhuntIn an effort to increase exposure within the fishing community to one of the best fishing areas in the country, the Burkes started this annual event in the waters off of Harwich, MA - home to some of the best striper fishing in the world.

The Harwich Headhunt is the fastest-growing striped bass fishing tournament on Cape Cod. This year's tourney on July 25th marks the 6th anniversary of the event, which typically draws dozens of fishing enthusiasts, local business sponsors, and other assorted hangers-on (like me) who simply show up for the big weigh in and after-party.

For those in the boats, it's a full day, with a 4am start time, weigh-in at 2pm, and all-out celebration from that point on.

If you're interested in fishing, register here, and be sure to check out the rules & regulations. If you'd like to sponsor the event, buy a t-shirt, or get any additional info, contact the Burkes.

Oh, and don't miss the colorful commentary going on over on the Headhunt blog. You'll be hooked!


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