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Samsung Ultra Touch Viral Video

I was contacted by a member of The Viral Factory in London last week, the agency responsible for Samsung's new viral video for the Ultra Touch mobile phone. It's pretty funny; see for yourselves:

Everyone loves to watch/forward cute animal videos, and The Viral Factory added a big dose of humor to make this one a hit. Besides being funny, the video cleverly drives home Samsung's product message: many, many uses. The Ultra Touch is full of multimedia goodness: built-in digital music player and FM radio, high-quality video capture, 8 megapixel camera, GPS navigation with geo-tagging capability. All packed into a razor-thin 12.7mm brushed metal frame with 2.8" touch screen (and slide-out keypad if you prefer).

The viral campaign is seemingly a success: at the time of this posting has already had over 512,000 views and 258 comments (and a fair amount of mentions in the blogosphere). It's too bad that the Flash-heavy microsite offers up no method of registering for more info or where to buy. Seems like sort of a missed opportunity there.


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