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MobiWatch Emergency Alert

Read about this in a recent issue of Mass High Tech:

Waltham-based MobiWatch has created an emergency device that doubles as a key-chain, so it's readily available in times of need.

Like Onstar (available in many vehicles) and LifeAlert (available in the home), the device connects people with an emergency response center within moments - even when you are outside of the car or home.  Carriers simply push a button to activate a Bluetooth connection with their cell phone, which then connects to the emergency call center.  An operator can pinpoint a caller’s location using GPS, and contact the police, ambulance or family members.

The concept is cool, but I share some of the thoughts expressed on the Mobile Marketing Blog - in particular, whether this offers enough perceived value to justify the expected $6-$10 monthly service fee. If your cell phone must be nearby in order for it to work, why not just dial 911 directly? True, the dedicated response center can store custom instructions in the event of an emergency, but the ability to triangulate your location using GPS and cell towers is something 911 can do as well.

The service is expected to launch in early 2009.


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