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Bunker Hill TV Pilot - Update

I have had a TON of blog traffic this week to my post about the new TNT television pilot, Bunker Hill. So here's an update:

I did hear that TV crews will be filming in Charlestown beginning today, and throughout the weekend (I hope this weirdo weather we are having - rainy, windy and 60 - doesn't cause a problem!). I also heard that the crew approached Zume's Coffee House on Main St, as well as Doherty's Flowers next door and a home on Pleasant Street as possible locations.

The Boston Herald reports that Donnie Wahlberg was filming at the Union Oyster House on Monday, and there are plans to film some local cabbies in Charlestown this Friday. The Herald also indicated that the show's plot line is very similar to the infamous Charles Stuart case that happened in Boston twenty years ago, when "the manager of then-prestigious Kakas Furs shot and killed his pregnant wife, Carol, and blamed the crime on a black robber. Later, Stuart killed himself by jumping off the Tobin Bridge."

Beantown Bloggery has a blurb about the show as well, and I will, of course, do my best to keep my eyes and ears open - and camera ready! Stay tuned for updates.


Stephanie Rogers

Hi, Tommy - yes, I read about the Townie member of the cast - very cool. He must be thrilled!


There is a kid named Ryan Buckley who is from charlestown...that is going to be playing bridget moyaghans son...he is a up and coming actor....

Stephanie Rogers

Thanks for the update, Melissa. And wow - Gerry! In your kitchen! How exciting. They'll be outside my place tomorrow...too bad I have to go to the office and will likely miss all the action :(


They filmed in my kitchen last night.


They were filming right in my parking lot on wednesday...police were banging on peoples doors at 6 am to make us move our cars...i had to park waaaaaaaaaaaaaay by the Scrafts building in some muddy lot then walk all the way back home...good luck on the show

Stephanie Rogers

Thanks for the update, Jamie!


There is (/was) a whole bunch of people filming around Tavern on the Water today. We were told it was for Bunker Hill.

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