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TripAdvisor Causes

I've blogged before about TripAdvisor's savvy promotions group; well - they're at it again. I received the below email recently, sent by my friend Shibani:


I of course clicked through to vote, and landed here:


Here's the scoop: TA wants to leverage its millions of site visitors to do some good in the world. It has identified the above 5 causes, and has asked the TA community to vote on the most worthy cause, which will then receive a $1 million gift (and I believe I read somewhere that the other 4 will still get a smaller gift, even if they don't win the vote). It's a really nice philanthropic campaign that brings to life TA's mission: leave more than your footprints behind when you travel – by making a difference in your community and the places you visit.

So head on over to TripAdvisor Causes and cast your vote - and do it quickly! Polls close on Sunday, November 9th. As an added bonus, you'll gain access to their 2008 Travelers Choice guide, which profiles the world's best hotels, based on TripAdvisor's user reviews.


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