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Bunker Hill TV Pilot

There was a blurb in last week's Charlestown Patriot Bridge about an open casting call for some Townies to appear as extras in an upcoming TV pilot, Bunker Hill.
I guess I missed this news about Donnie Wahlberg's new TNT show about as a cop who goes back to his Boston home to deal with corruption and organized crime (also stars Brian Dennehy and Bridget Moynihan).

This could be the first of several new Hollywood shows focused on crime dramas and blue collar neighborhoods - topics that are seemingly more relatable to the viewing public in times of economic downturn. Apparently, shows portraying over-the-top wealth are out (e.g., Dirty, Sexy Money) are out, and ones with a working class feel (like Roseanne or All in the Family) are in.

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I was talking to Zume's and they approached the owner there to use the coffee shop and Doherty's flowers as part of the pilot episode. The owner also mentioned they are shooting at a house on Pleasant Street as the main character's home. Neat, isn't it?!

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