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ART+science Media Roundup: 10/17/08

I noticed a small ad at the back of last week's Patriot Bridge for a company called Run My Errand.

Intrigued, I went to the site to learn more about this start-up that harkens back to the days of Kozmo.

Runmyerrand Run My Errand is an online community of errand Senders (people who need things done - like a dry-cleaning pick up or bill payment) and Runners (folks with free time on their hands that agree to run stated errands and earn some extra cash). Senders post their needs on the website and state the price they're willing to pay, and Runners select the errands they're willing to run (and sometimes negotiate the listed price).

Errands Unlike Kozmo, which famously flamed out when it tried to delivery small goods free of charge within an hour, RME is a system of give & take. It's like a match-maker between people with not enough time and people with extra time. It provides the service, and participants pay the delivery fees. All payments are done through a credit system on the site (Senders buy credits which are then deposited into the Runners account as dollars). No payments change hands until both Sender and Runner confirm that the transaction was completed satisfactorily - and Senders can rate Runners based on their experience.

It's a pretty cool concept with a nice site that's already gotten some traction. In fact, there's Google map feature which displays available errands so that runners can maximize trips by tackling multiple errands in one area.

This week's Bridge has a cover story on the Charlestown residents who started the business. It remains to be seen how RME will make money; they currently aren't serving ads, and it doesn't seem as though they are taking a cut of the delivery fees (unless there is a service charge when you purchase credits?). It's a great idea, though, and I'm anxious to see how it works out.


Dave Evans

I used RME last month, worked like a charm. I'm sure they take a cut of the delivery fees, right Leah?

Stephanie Rogers

Thanks for stopping by, Leah! And best of luck with the business - I think it's great.

Leah Busque

Hi Stephanie! Thanks for the great write up! We just launched a few weeks ago and the response has been really exciting! I'm definitely open to feedback and suggestions!!


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