ART+science Media Roundup: 10/17/08
Google Mail Goggles

Amazon's Universal Wish List

One more reason to love their Universal Wishlist let's you add any web page to your Amazon Wishlist. Simply drag a button to your bookmarks toolbar on your browser, and tag away.

Wishlist_2Now, you can store all your desirables - whether available through Amazon or not - in one place for easy reference and sharing...perfect for the upcoming holidays.

[Note to close friends and family: you can view my Wishlist here :) ]


Amazon gets 2.0


Stephanie Rogers

I know what you mean, fatalist! I love Amazon - it is the best shopping/community/2.0 site out there.


I have to comment here because Im seriously obsessed with amazon. I think I need an intervention. I find it a challenge because even if I stay in on a weekend to save mooo-lahhh($$), I end up shopping on amazon. If i see any products I want I usually fav them on my wishlist. I like this option but usually I just save on my wishlist!
yay me!

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