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I was very excited to open my new Bzz kit recently and find a box full of Max Factor makeup!

Maxfactor (I'll admit it: the best Bzz campaigns are the ones that include product samples so you can try them out and share with friends.)

This one contained:

  • A full-sized Volume Couture mascara in Rich Black (went on great - see below - but is tough to get off, even with makeup remover)
  • Lipfinity lip gloss and moisture top coat (which, true to its promise, stayed on forever; but note to MF:  you should put the product name and shade on the tubes...my Mom raved about the lip color but since I'd already thrown out the packaging all I could tell her was "# 016" - the only identifier on the tube)
  • ColorGenius Mineral Blush in Rose, and a Blush Brush
  • An envelope of $2.00 off coupons to share with friends


Before I even opened and tried the products, I was already thinking about my BzzReport - namely, that I couldn't wait to use it to tell Max Factor that they must get rid of Carmen Electra as their spokesmodel. While I'm a long-time Lancome user, I do occasionally buy drug store brands, and I've always avoided Max Factor because I have images of trashy-looking Carmen in magazine spreads, and her face - always garishly made up - is plastered all over the packaging. I know Max Factor tries to play up its old Hollywood, makeup-artists-to-the-stars, glitz-and-glamour positioning (did you know that they invented the first lipgloss, back in 1930?!), but really - she doesn't embody that.

So I was thrilled for them when I learned yesterday from BzzAgent that starting this month, supermodel Gisele Bundchen will be the "fresh new face" of Max Factor. Now I just hope that they make her up tastefully, and don't repeat the rainbow-brights that Carmen's been sporting.

Overall, I liked the products, and will be happy to use and share the coupons. MF is running a limited-time, buy one and get one free deal for Lipfinity and Maxwear lip colors at Wal-Mart, while supplies last. And, if you've always wanted to break into the big time, MF is running a contest with Lifetime Television to find the hottest up-and-coming makeup artist to compete for $100,000 and a contract with Max Factor.


celebrities exposed

Carmen Electra is Max Factor's best model ever.

Chuck Lynch

Nice demonstration of the products!

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