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Another clever marketing idea, this time from the UK:

WeHeartStuff reports

Trendy doughnut makers Krispy Kreme have come up with with an ideal solution to those ’stuck-in-the-office-blues’ by offering stressed out city workers the chance to have that feeling of a summer lawn beneath your bare feet all day long. The world’s first grass flip flops can be kept for over four months if looked after and will certainly give you a spring in your step.

Krispy_flops Too bad they're only available in London (and our local Krispy Kreme shut down).

As a further enticement to get said office workers into their shops for donuts and coffee, KK is running a sweepstakes at Share the Summer Magic. Participants can text in photos of themselves outside with their friends, enjoying a box of Krispy Kremes, for a chance to win tickets to London's V Festival (which is brought to you, of course, by yet another brand...).




Yeah I hear what you're saying. But I wonder - will the average over-worked office worker, who (apparently) never gets a chance to visit a park or even lunch in one, be able to maintain these things? You have to water them daily! Well, maybe just a short walk in the rain does the trick.

Wonder when they're coming to the U.S.?


Ryan - I know, I thought the same thing ("off brand!") but on further reflection - they are creating a "break" of sorts for office-tied workers. Treat yourself to a coffee, maybe a donut, and wiggle your toes in the grass. It's aligned with the fun nature of their brand and really takes the target audience into account. I like!


I heard about these! But seriously... grass + donuts? They don't seem to go together very well - but that's just me.

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