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Venetian Blind Tee

The Japanese designers at shikisai have created a new t-shirt inspired by the hot Summer months:
If you look closely (click image to enlarge), you'll note that the string on those Venetian blinds is real...a quick tug, and voila: the blinds lift and your mid-drift enjoys a cool breeze.Blind_detail

This is the latest in a t-shirt collection intended to explore "the interactivity, the mundanity, and the sense of fun, through the use of black print on white surface." (The Othello tee is clever as well.)

While I'm not a fan of "belly shirts" shikisai does get points for creativity. And for the humorous one-line descriptions that accompany each design on their site.

[via bookofjoe by way of iliketotallyloveit]


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