I'm Back...and at AJ Wright
Time to be a kid again.

Kelly is a boy's name, too.

I love this J.C. Penney ad:

If you can't read the note, it's a plea from a little boy who just received a bunch of girl's toys, and it reads, "Dear Santa: Kelly is a boy's name, too. From, Kelly."

The music is festive, the child adorable, and the message humorous and to the point: consider a J.C. Penney giftcard for those on your holiday list.

I have to congratulate Saatchi & Saatchi, the agency behind the spot. Their work has been getting my attention lately - and for a brand I wouldn't normally notice (despite my new-found love for AJ Wright).

During this season of Friday Night Lights (a must-see, if you don't watch it), J.C. Penney has been running spots mid-programming that are designed to re-cap the first half of the show for those who tuned in late (could be courtesy of media partner OMD, vs. creative shop S&S).

At first, I thought it was silly, because who, in this age of DVRs, would miss the first half of the show?? But then, I realized that it is brilliant because we have DVRs:

If I fast-forward through commercials during FNL, I press play as soon as I see the characters on screen again, thinking that the show has started. But no - it's the JCP spot, recapping the early scenes, which I rewatch while getting the JCP brand association. I'm curious to learn if that was the intent, or just an added bonus.

JCP did miss the integration boat, though - it would have been nice if they sponsored the corresponding online episode recaps to further strengthen the association with this audience.


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