Happy Thanksgiving
Kelly is a boy's name, too.

I'm Back...and at AJ Wright

OK, it's been awhile since I've blogged. Sorry...it has been a busy few weeks!

But yesterday I dropped into the local AJ Wright on the hunt for something to wear to tonight's Ugly Sweater Party (more on that later) and came across this:
No, I wasn't drawn to the clever snowmen on the front, and it wasn't sufficiently ugly for the party - it was the label that caught my eye. Take a closer look:

Yes - I stumbled upon an item from the Stephanie Rogers clothing line!  And at a cool $15, my namesake top was surely - as AJ Wright puts it - "the Deal for Real."



So sweet!! Love it... Recently, I bought very nice jacket from WilsonsLeather store through couponalbum.com at reasonable price...

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