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A Royal Christmas Broadcast

The British Royals have created a YouTube Channel, where 81-year-old Queen Elizabeth will broadcast her 50th Christmas message.

Her first message, delivered live to the nation and its colonies on Dec. 25, 1957, still has some relevance, as she ruminates on the pace of technological change.


The Palace has posted both archival and recent footage of the Queen and other royals on the channel, including a silent newsreel of the Queen Mother's wedding in 1923. (They have disabled the "embed" feature, however, so you need to click through to YouTube to see the footage)


This year's Christmas broadcast will appear on this channel at approximately 1500 GMT on Christmas Day. reports, "Showing a canny knack for keeping ahead of the times, the Queen launched an official Internet website for the British monarchy in 1997, owned an iPod since 2005, and last year her Christmas message was made available as a podcast for the first time."


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