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What the Fluff?

Fluff Today is the 90th anniversary of Marshmallow Fluff, that sticky marshmallow confection that New Englanders know and love as staple of the fluffernutter sandwich (and more recently under fire in connection with childhood obesity).

To celebrate the momentous occasion, Somerville's Union Square, the birthplace of the gooey delicacy, held its second annual Fluff fest to honor its creator, Archibald Query, and the product itself.

Activities include Fluff jar bowling, bake offs, snacking on Rice Krispie treats Tower_5 and fluffernutters, and a recreation of the Prospect Hill Tower that overlooks Union Square.

There are also live bands throughout the afternoon, with burlesque dancers from Thru the Keyhole serving as a modern rendition of theFlufferettes_2 Flufferettes, the 1930s radio show created to promote the product.

Until today, when I mentioned Fluff to a friend and got a blank stare in return, I had no idea that it was a local phenomenon, and not immediately recognizable to kids across the country.

If you haven't tried it, you really should pick up a jar. It's delicious (maybe not nutritious).



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