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Hand Soap

A girlfriend and I were talking about hand soap the other day, when browsing in a home decor shop that had a lovely array to choose from: blue robin's eggs in a twig nest, white seashells in a glass dish, tiny pumpkins for Fall.

They are always so delicate and cute, and they sit proudly on display in the guest bathroom but usually just collect dust because no one wants to ruin them (instead opting for the liquid dispenser).

And then there are these:
Hand-made, hand shaped, Hand Soap.

I don't know that guests will be any more willing to lather up with these babies, but they certainly are a conversation piece.



I think they look like the hands on my daughter's baby dolls. Wonder if it would creep her out to wash her hands with them. On the other hand, it might actually provide some encouragement!


Ick! They look like the hands of a drowning baby or something. I'm slightly terrified.

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