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Modite: Rebecca Thorman

Modite_2 I just came across a remarkable young woman in the blogosphere: Rebecca Thorman of From her MyBlogLog profile:

Modite is...

[Mod-ahyt] ~ Noun.

1) Modern. Urbanite.

2) Yuppie with a social conscience.

At 23 years old, Rebecca is the Executive Director of a young professional organization in Madison, WI, whose mission is to attract and retain young talent and leadership in order to contribute to the regions’ economic, civic, social, and public policy futures.

She also authors, a wonderful collection of thoughts, ideas, and experiences related to how Generations X and Y can be more successful in life, love, and work, as well as more valuable contributors to society overall.

Rebecca is a prolific writer, and displays wisdom beyond her years. I especially love these posts:

Listen up, Ladies Who Launch - if you haven't yet profiled Rebecca, she should be next on your list!


Dan Schawbel

She is also the Personal Branding Magazine editor! I'm her age as well and commend her on her work thus far.

Rebecca Thorman

Thanks so much, Stephanie! Today is my birthday and this is a great present! :) I appreciate your encouragement and please do keep in touch.

Moditely yours,

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