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Yahoo! IM: Easter Egg or Hack?

While instant messaging with my mom yesterday I noticed a funny thing in the chat window: where it normally says "[Mom] is typing..." it said "[Mom] has been struck by the muse..."

Weird, right? I Googled it but found nothing. Wasn't sure if (a) Yahoo was playing tricks - like its random subject line generator, (b) Mom's machine had a virus, or (c) I simply imagined it.

Well, today I was IM'ing with my friend Tom and got three of these mysterious messages:

  • "1000 monkeys just landed on [Tom's] keyboard..."
  • "I hope you're sitting down because [Tom] is typing..."

I was able to get a screengrab of one (below; click to enlarge) but it's still a mystery as to whether this is Yahoo! playing games, or a hacker playing games on Yahoo! Anyone else seen it?


UPDATE: apparently other folks  have witnessed these bizarre messages as well, judging from the Google search in my referring URLs.   



Hey...this is happening to me now....but this is realy funny.
A also recived another one like ".... should really learn to type with more than two fingers..." :) hi hi hi
And I asked my friend and she was typing actually slow because she was eating in the same time.
Maby because I use yahoo beta? have no idea.

Mulder and Scully :D

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